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To Drink Or Not To Drink Coffee – Top Query Amongst Colombians

Colombia is a country recognized worldwide for its high quality Specialty Espresso from Arabica beans. Traditionally, the very best espresso produced in the country has been exported. Espresso left for domestic consumption has been of lesser quality or from totally different beans lacking the export quality certifications.

Proper or incorrect, the perception has been that Colombians don’t drink good Coffee at home. The truth is that Colombians aren’t but hooked on fancy preparations such as cappuccino or iced latte.

Individuals and Europeans drink two to 3 instances more coffee than Colombians. Why is that?

In Colombia, there’s merely not a dominant tradition of espresso, consider it or not.
For example, for breakfast, many Colombians desire to drink sizzling chocolate or fresh juice from a truly wonderful variety of fruits available.
Or they might select to drink a beverage called “agua de panela'” made with brown sugar cane bought in blocks and dissolved in scorching water.
When Colombians drink coffee, they opt for less than different nationalities.
However, over time, Colombians are adopting a preference for gourmand and specialty cafes promoting drip brewed espresso, espresso primarily based, scorching drinks, other cold and hot drinks, and snacks.
These cafes also sell merchandise akin to shirts, jackets, mugs, Whole Beans, posters, books, music and different items.
Adoption of robust coffee cultural habits is the results of efficient marketing.
It is a optimistic development for the thousands of trade employees who profit from high espresso consumption domestically, notably when international sales are lagging.

What’s helping Colombians adopt a stronger culture of espresso consuming?

Enterprising Colombian entrepreneurs and growers are dedicated to growing current per capita consumption of 1.eight kilos per 12 months by 30%.
Launch of a long term sturdy national promotional and promoting campaign utilizing multiple media and contact factors with the slogan “Tome Cafe” (“Drink Espresso”).
Foremost marketing campaign objective is to establish coffee because the beverage of choice.
The marketing campaign contains training about high quality and distinction between Specialty Coffee and other grades of the product.
Business initiatives on the non-public and government degree search to identify and cater to the national client audience who can or is keen to pay for Specialty Coffee.
Awareness of the impartial certifying company’s recognition when particular labels meet quality, environmental and social welfare requirements for particular certifications.
Certification signifies that the espresso manufacturing course of maintained high soil and water conservation standards.
The usage of pesticides was limited in accordance with principles of sustainable agricultural and waste disposal practices.
The workers concerned within the chain of events for the model derived benefits to improve their social, economic and well being situations.

In accordance with the Colombian Specialty Coffee Program of the Nationwide Federation of Espresso Growers, their evaluation is predicated on the ideas of sustainability, preparation and origin.

Sustainability implies that communities growing this coffee are totally committed to defending the setting and guaranteeing cleanliness all through the manufacturing steps.
Preparation means that espresso is developed to satisfy the preferences of a specific client.
Origin identifies the area or particular farm the place the specialty coffee is harvested. This sort of bean will not be blended with some other in the tradition of a “restricted edition.”

The expansion of domestic Specialty Coffee consumption among Colombians would be the result of efficient promotional and advertising messaging. Colombians are proud about their flagship export product and about the cultural traditions of robust family, music, literature, cuisine and faith from the coffee growing regions.

The success of the promotional efforts to get Colombians to drink more espresso will benefit their domestic economic system and strengthen the manufacturing of nice beans for years to return!

Dominant manufacturers equivalent to Juan Valdez and Oma Cafe have already got a noticeable presence within the nation with strategically positioned specialty outlets.

The Juan Valdez chain of espresso shops was created by Colombia’s National Federation of Espresso Growers via Procafecol S.A, (Promotora de Cafe Colombiano), a company established in 2002.

Juan Valdez Cafe is the one home chain from a coffee producing country.
Procafecol is about 80% owned by the Federation.
The remainder of the shares are immediately owned by more than 400,000 particular person growers belonging to an association.
There are about 120 Juan Valdez espresso shops in Colombia selling a spread of products and merchandise on site. These shops are social meeting places for individuals of all ages and occupations.

Some of the company’s front liners are its drip Coffee Machines review that have successfully added more intensity when it comes to drinking coffee. Its drip coffee machines comprise of the Automatic-drip Coffee Machines, the Coffee/Espresso Combination Machines, and the Pod Machines, For information visit drip Coffee Maker

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