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The Story Of The True Beginning Of Coffee

Every Cup Of Coffee produced whether it was brewed in a commercial Coffee Pot or in one of those adorable single serve Coffee Makers has come from seeds that have their origins in Ethiopia. Legend has it an Ethiopian goat-herder circa 700 AD had trouble with his goats not slumbering at night. The goats had seemingly eaten the red fruit of a near-by tree. Naturally no one can say whether this legend is true so while the bush may have originated in Ethiopia, the discovery of coffee as a drink was not written about until many years later.

According to one tale from ancient writings the founding of the Coffee Bean is attributed to a mystic named Omar. Omar was known for healing people through prayers and was the disciple of a Sheik. He had been cast out to a desert region and was living in a cave, where he was starving at the time when he found some berries on a shrub. They were bitter to eat so he tried to roast them to improve the taste but they became tough and difficult to chew. Subsequently Omar boiled them trying to soften the hard roasted beans and found that they created a very pleasant aroma, and when he drank the now brown water that was used to boil the beans he felt revitalized.

After the stories of Omar’s discovery of a wonder drug arrived in Ethiopia, the mystic disciple was asked to come back from exile and was made a saint. The mystic’s coffee brew had become well known and was eventually brought to the Arab world through Egypt where it gained popularity and continued to spread. The Arab world had embraced the coffee bean and the disciples brew Religious men would partake in the brew made from Coffee Beans to help them stay awake during their long hours of ceremonial prayers and physicians would study the invigorating qualities of what we know as coffee.

Mecca was booming with coffee houses by the 15th century and the coffee seed and beverage continued to unfold throughout the Arab world. The Arab coffee houses became so popular that they spread to Europe and by the mid 17th century coffee houses started to appear in countries as far as England. The disciples coffee brew swiftly grew to become a well-liked drink with scholars in England and Europe as it focused their thoughts and the coffee shops inevitably became meeting places for the educated. Coffee gradually found its way out of the coffee house and into libraries and laboratories, which helped spawn the creation of personal coffee makers.

Coffee was not as prosperous when it finally reached America as it was in Europe. Throughout the Colonial period alcohol was more well-liked than coffee to drink. It wasn’t until soon after the Revolution during the War of 1812 that coffee drastically grew as a beverage in popularity. Now centuries later coffee is as popular as ever, coffee houses are still used by people as meeting places and international chains such as Starbucks have mystified the masses with tantalizing types of Roasted Coffee beans. Reaching back to the humble beginnings of the coffee bean, the exiled mystic Omar could never have imagined the impact that his discovery would have on the world centuries later.

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