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The Gaggia Baby The True Italian Espresso!

A Gaggia Espresso Machine is definately for you if your the type who just can’t get started in the morning without a dose of caffiene.

The unmistakable taste of true Italian Coffee is achieved by Gaggia espresso machines through time honoured tradition and modern emotion. Many people believe that strong shots of espresso is the only true way to enjoy it.

The Gaggia Baby combines the technology and the attention to detail necessary for making a Cup Of Coffee perfect every time. The 3 stylish colours of white, black and ivory combined with the polished Stainless Steel front panel, show the New Baby is traditional but still up to date. The New Baby still delivers the quality expected from a Gaggia machine, as well as new stylish looks.

Equipped with a soft touch electronic control panel and trendy new styling the Gaggia Baby does more than just make coffee. From brewing delicious espresso shots to frothing pitchers of mik for cappuccinos and lattes, the espresso machine has just 3 buttons to control all of the functions. As well as frothing your espresso in seconds, the Panarello steamer will rotate for easy of use and provide hot water for tea and other hot drinks.

A 15 bar high pressure pump combined with a three way solenoid, a commercial brew group and a pre infusion cycle, ensure the Gaggia Baby delivers consistent espresso time after time. Hotspots while brewing can burn the coffee, the Gaggia’s solenoid valve delivers a wide spread shower throughout the coffee to eliminate this problem.Its precise pressurisation ensures no drips and leaves drier Coffee Grounds after brewing, for easy cleaning.Cleaning the whole machine is easy, because of the detachable components.To stop internal parts getting clogged and dirty the machine has the ‘drip saver’ decompression system~Having clogged, dirty internal parts is eliminated with the ‘drip saver’ decompression system. brings authentic Italian coffee into your home by using a professional chromed brass group and filter holder, measuring spoon and tamper.

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