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Steps To Grind Coffee Beans For A Great Cup

1. Buy Whole Beans. Do not get it pre-Ground Coffee. The beauty of grinding your own beans is that whole beans stay fresh for much longer. As soon as the beans are ground, oxygen starts degrading the beans – so by grinding beans yourself you will have an amazing cup.

Before grinding, smell! You will be able to detect notes in the aroma before it is even brewed

Grinding is actually the most important stage of brewing coffee at home. The coarseness or fineness of your grind determines how much surface area of the the bean is exposed to coffee.

Different grinds work better with different methods. For example, a French Press requires a coarser grind not only because the coffee shouldn’t come through the wire netting, but also because all the coffee grinds are mixed in with all the water all at once – rather than being dripped over a bit at a time, as in a brew pot.

The goal of the grind stage is to get the oils, sugars, and wonderfulness of the Coffee Bean into a state to brew – without overheating, undergrinding, overgrinding, or otherwise contaminating the coffee, and to allow the coffee to extract into the water between 19% and 20% ratio for the perfect extraction.

2. There are two types of grinder – the burr grinder and the “slashing” grinder. Basically, the burr is the better, but much more expensive option – and the slasher is the more economical option. There are important distinctions, but for now just know that –

Burr Grinder – It’s going to do the work for you. Just follow the instructions – it will give a uniform, perfect grind every time, but is expensive and a pain to clean

Slasher – Going to take some practice, but can still turn out amazing coffee. Too long and the coffee will overheat and burn off oils. Too short and the grinds will be too coarse to brew properly.

The key to a slasher grinder – Shake and grind in short bursts. Hold down the button for no more than 2 or 3 seconds at a time, and shake it as you grind. It should only take 3 or 4 bursts – but it’s easy with practice. It’ll give a more consistent grind, very similar to the burr grinder, but without the price tag.

3. Cleanliness. Clean everything. Coffee taste is influenced by everything. Clean regularly with water only. Occasionally clean with cleaning products – but only as instructed by the manufacturer and only thoroughly with plenty of time until your next grind

4. Timeliness. If you thought that the clock was ticking on the beans – the clock is really ticking after the grind. Immediately put the grinds into your brewing device. Do not wait around. Every second, more glorious oils are evaporating and more savoury sugars are being eroded by oxygen and carbon dioxide. Get those grinds into the brewer and clean up after!

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