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Single Serve Coffee Brewers

Prior to the introduction of Single Serve Coffee Brewer, coffee drinkers who prefer brewed coffee had to face the issue of having excess coffee after enjoying a cup or two. You could place the excess coffee on a heating pad but there’s always that burnt taste that lingers as a result. They either had to throw the excess away or be forced to drink it. Either way, it still causes an inconvenience to coffee lovers everywhere.

So we can only imagine what the general reaction is when the first Single Serve Coffee Maker was introduced to the general population. At long last, coffee connoisseurs can now enjoy their coffee a cup at a time.

In this era, there’s a wide array of single serve coffee brewers to choose from in the market in terms of brand name and coffee making devices. Today, you have a choice between machines that can make one-cup servings on one hand and two-cup servings on the other. There are even others that can make hot beverages other than coffee such as tea, hot chocolate and more.

There are generally two types of Single Serve Coffee makers: the drip maker system, Coffee Pod system, and the single-Cup Coffee brewing solutions. The usual requirements for all one-cup products are as follows: a boiler, a water reservoir, and a coffee-and-filter mechanism. To make them more distinguishable from each other, let’s discuss them one by one.

One-Cup Drip Coffee Brewers

In this case, it’s important that you 1) check if the filter the coffee maker is using is the replaceable or the temporary one; 2) determine the length of time needed before another cup can be made after having made the first one; 3) see if it can accommodate a differently sized mug or if it comes with a thermal travel mug; and 4) find out if the coffee maker is programmable and if you’re comfortable with it.

Coffee Pod Systems

The advantage of the coffee pod system is that Coffee Pods are pre-measured for single-cup brewing. There’s no grinding and no mess as a result, which guarantees that the texture of the coffee is more or less perfect.

Better yet, you can choose among a great variety of specialty-grade coffees and teas from many parts of the world. So whatever your preferences are, you can always find certain pods that are more to your liking.

There’s also no need to scoop and measure and filter. This makes coffee making easier. In seconds, you have your Cup Of Coffee ready for consumption.

Single-Cup Coffee Brewing Devices

This particular system of coffee making makes use of a ‘mini-brewer’ where you can place pre-measured coffee cups. You can make a cup of coffee by a mere press of a button. It also saves a lot of time since it can brew coffee in 1 to 3 minutes, making sure that it’s served hot and fresh.

This system is also ideal for coffee drinkers who enjoy different types of flavors since the filter in the cup prevents the coffee from coming in contact with any other part of the machine, giving you the luxury to brew more than one cups of coffee in different flavors and roasts.

Having an extensive choice for your hot beverage, the one thing that you’ll always mull over is the cost of coffee. You have to buy pods, discs, capsules, and cups for single serve Coffee Machines and you have to order directly from the machine manufacturer.

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