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Should I Buy A One Serve Coffee Machine

A single Cup Coffee machine is certainly a fantastic addition to any household particularly they can be useful to those folks who live on their own and want their daily pick-me-up dose of caffeine without the need to brew a whole carafe of coffee.

Purchasing a single serve coffee machine will save you a lot of time and effort when preparing a delicious Cup Of Coffee. The complicated technology behind One Cup Coffee Makers will get rid of the whole traditional scoop and Coffee Filter procedure altogether. No longer will you need to worry about roasting and grinding beans. Single Cup Coffee Makers utilize pods which are the best way to make a tasty cup of coffee.

Before you go out and buy a one serve Coffee Maker ask yourself these important questions:

Are you going to use your single Cup Coffee Maker on a regular basis or only every now and then?

Now, knowing in advance how frequently you are going to use your single serve coffee machine is important for the reason that it will give you the idea if you want to purchase a much more robust model which will serve you for years or buy one that is capable of making a quick cup of coffee but isn’t that expensive.

Do you have enough storage space in your kitchen?

Do you have a static spot in your cooking area where you can place your single serve coffee maker or should you get the type of coffee maker that you can easily store somewhere else other than on the kitchen counter-top after you have used it.

Are you going to spend money on an ongoing supply of branded Coffee Pods?

You should know that some more select single serve Coffee Machines that tend to use branded pods that are not as easily obtainable as the less expensive models use therefore if you know that you will not be using your coffee machine on a regular basis, it makes perfect sense to buy only those models that use pods that can be bought in every food store and oftentimes at a cut price price.

Are you buying your single cup coffee maker to only make coffee or are you planning to make other beverages like Iced Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Not every one cup coffee machine is able to brew compound types of beverages. Some coffee makers, particularly less expensive ones will let you make a good quality cup of coffee yet you will not be able to cook water to prepare a cup of tea. Certainly you still prepare ice coffee using these less expensive coffee makers by just adding up milk and ice into the cup but the process is never ever as smooth as when using single cup coffee machines that were specifically designed to prepare several beverages including iced coffee.

Once you’ve made the decision that you are going to drink enough coffee on a daily basis to justify the investment into a powerful single cup coffee machine then the Breville BKC700XL in going to be a good choice. This Breville coffee maker uses the specialized Keurig K-cup technology. K-cups are little capsules filled with Ground Coffee that you place into the cup-holder of your machine. You slam the lid and, voilà, in virtually moments you can drink your freshly brewed, delicious cup of coffee.

Note here, since the K cup is hermetically sealed there no possibility for the grind inside the capsule to lose its flavor. This Breville one-serve coffee maker pins two holes on top and bottom of the cup in order to pass a stream of boiling water. That is when the magic happens as the brewing process within the cup has the capability to retain the unique flavor of the coffee.

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