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Picking A One Cup Coffee Maker.

Today’s single serve Coffee Makers fall into one of three categories: manual press, automatic drip or pod machines.

Manual press and automated drip coffee makers both require owners to measure Coffee Grounds and use paper filters. Although manual presses don’t require electricity, they do require preheating water and using some force to push the plunger down. Automated drip machines heat water with a flip of a button, but brewing may take longer and cleaning isn’t as convenient.

Pod coffee makers, on the other hand, brew a single Cup Of Coffee from premeasured Ground Coffee sealed in a pod made of paper, plastic or aluminum. These machines can usually brew a cup in less than a minute, and their prepackaged coffees cut out the need to buy filters or deal with messy grounds. However, pod machines can be more limiting, locking users into certain coffee flavors or brands for the sake of product compatibility. Their prepackaged cups are also more expensive than buying ground coffee (but less than getting a cup at a specialty coffee shop). However, the large water reservoir and programmable features many pod machines offer make them a popular option. Here are some other things to know before buying a single serve coffee machine.

• Consider machine size and cup size. A compact Coffee Maker can be a solid buy if you’re strapped for counter space — but a product’s brewing capabilities should also be considered prior to buying. For instance, some machines brew beverage sizes well short of a small mug, while others output enough coffee to fill a larger container.

• Control over brew strength? Although the strength of a brewed cup is largely dependent on the coffee itself, some machines do allow users to manually adjust the strength of each cup.

• Contemplate temperature control. Not everyone has the same opinion about how Hot Coffee should be, so having the ability to adjust the temperature is an important feature for some consumers. Additionally, coffee drinkers who add refrigerated creamer or milk may need to start out with a hotter brew.

• Opt for an auto shut-off feature. This safety option eliminates the fear that you’ll forget to turn the coffee machine off.

• If you go for a pod machine, check out the varieties available. Find out what specific coffees are compatible with your pod maker before you buy. For instance, Coffee Pods packaged in a paper filter will work with a variety of machines but Keurig K-Cups, Nespresso capsules and Tassimo T Discs don’t work in other manufacturers’ machines.

Decide if you want to go eco-friendly. Pod coffee containers that are packaged in biodegradable paper filters are more environmentally friendly than plastic or aluminum packets, especially if you brew multiple cups a day. However, pod coffee makers also make more waste than automatic-drip machines.

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