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How Does Drinking Coffee Benefit Health?

Alot of people refuse to drink Coffee because of the belief that it can cause all kinds of negative health problems. The real truth is that some new research has actually shown a few health benefits with the moderate consumption of coffee. Of course many people simply drink coffee in an attempt to gain some alertness, energy and overall vigor throughout their day. Although this research shows some great health benefits there are still some negative affects that coffee can cause if you drink too much. We will talk about a few of the potential health effects coffee can have in this article.

A powerful antioxidant, methylpyridinium, is contained in Roasted Coffee. There is only one food type where methylpyridinium can be found in any major amounts: roasted coffee. In fact, it’s not even present within raw Coffee Beans. It is believed to be created during the roasting process. When in the form of raw coffee, the compound is called trigonelline. The strong antioxidant known as methylpyridinium is created once the coffee is brewed. It is found in all kinds of coffee including Instant Coffee and caffeine free coffee. Methylpyridinium can even protect the body from some forms of cancer.

Coronary artery disease, or heart disease, is a serious condition that researchers are associating with drinking heavy amounts of coffee. The research explains that drinking coffee can most often be associated with higher numbers of the inflammation markers in the body. Most times, research has talked about how inflammation has a bad affect on the cardiovascular system. These larger doses of caffeine can really increase cholesterol levels, which is a major factor for having a larger risk of coronary artery disease. It was also proven that a majority of those that were affected in a bad way were also exposed to other things that can lead to heart disease like smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and not doing following an exercise program Yet researchers agree that patients drinking less than 3 cups of coffee per day may actually help heart health, rather than affect it. The goal is to drink coffee in moderate amounts and to reduce being exposed to things that can greatly increase your risk for coronary heart disease. Certainly, there are of course a variety of other diverse choices of Coffee Maker machines for everyday and Gourmet Coffee out there which includes single Cup Coffee makers and also Espresso Coffee makers and a lot more.

Though no studies have been conducted it is a widely held belief that caffeine increases the risk of high blood pressure. For people who drink too much coffee, anxiety or irritability is a common side effect. Resisting stress becomes difficult for some people after drinking coffee. In these cases people will feel anxious or stressed about things that do not ordinarily bother them. Symptoms of stress in this situation may include irregular heartbeat, higher blood pressure, or an increased heart rate. Those who drink coffee in excess are more likely to experience these symptoms.

In conclusion, drinking coffee in moderation might be much better for you. However, heavy coffee drinkers should be aware that there are also some negative health effects that could arise from drinking too much caffeine. Moderation is the main ingredient to achieving a healthy balance.

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