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Find Out How To Make Amazing Coffee At Home

There are primarily two good ways to brew at home. First, is the drip-brew method. Second, is the french press/pot method. The French press gives a better, more consistent cup at home that brings out the distinctiveness in each bean, but is not the most common and requires the most attention. Drip-brew is the kind that seemingly everyone uses. It’s easy, cheap, and requires less exactness than a press pot. However, many people do not do drip brewing correctly, much to the detriment of their Coffee. I’ll cover it first.

The drip brew method.

1. Forget timers, design, buttons, bells and whistles in Coffee Pots. What matters are two attributes – temperature of the water and cleanliness of the drip brewer. I use a $15 Mr Coffee Pot.

All the bells and whistles of premium Coffee Makers do not matter if they do not get the coffee up to 195F. If it does, great, any other feature is for convenience (timer, etc), but don’t overpay for some tricked out drip-brew, when it doesn’t matter for the most part – if you want to buy a good Coffee Maker, go ahead and go to a French Press Pot – which is described below.

2. Cleanliness matters – clean your coffee brewer regularly according to the manual. If you don’t have the manual – heavily, heavily diluted bleach is better than suds, but be sure to run clean water through multiple times after cleaning.

3. Use clean, cold, fresh water. The water that brews is the water in your cup. If your well or city puts out nasty water – it’s gonna be in your cup. Invest in a purifier if necessary.

Use approximately 6 oz of water for every fully rounded tablespoon

4. The filter – it has a taste as well. Important step – before you grind your beans, pour ½ cup of water in the brewer, put the filter in, and run water over it and into the pot. Why? The paper filter has a taste. It’s treated filter paper – and that taste will be in your coffee. Remove it by running that bit of water over it to cleanse it. Don’t believe? Try it once and taste the water that comes through – it will taste like paper – which is how most people’s coffee tastes if you don’t cleanse your filter. It’s how you make great home coffee. Check out this video to see what I mean.

5. Make sure you filter is stable (you don’t want it to flop over).

6. Dump the grounds evenly in the filter.

7. Turn on, and let it brew. If you peek in the top after it has started (to check that the filter hasn’t flopped), look at the reddish, brown crema on top that indicates fresh beans. A wonderful sight.

8. Once finished – immediately remove and pour into mug (preheated with warm water) or thermos. Do not ever let the pot sit on the hotplate – it scalds the coffee and leaves a bitter bile behind. Better to buy a good thermos to store your coffee for later

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