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Brewing Outstanding Coffee With A Coffee Plunger

A cafetiere, which is also known as a French Press or Coffee plunger is well regarded as a product conceived in France over one hundred years ago in order to make strong coffees. The modern day French Press is primarily a slender cylinder produced from robust glass and internally rests a metal filter joined to a plunger. The coffee is soaked in hot water and then the plunger filters the Coffee Grounds from the coffee drink. The taste of coffee produced with a French Press is potent, thick and heavy, and would possibly not be to the enjoyment of a number of people. But those who do really like this form of coffee claim it to be far more satisfying than any made by the drip method.

The French Press is recognised by the word cafetiere in Holland and in the UK; the name is derived from the French word that implies coffee brewer. The French at times call it the cafetiere a piston. In Italy, the cafetiere is often called a “Feurn de Leur.” Australia, New Zealand and South Africa basically call it a coffee plunger. Additional places name the Coffee Maker for its better known maker in the area, so in France, they sometimes name it a Melior, but on the other hand in Denmark, they frequently call it a Bodum. There are also travel cafetiere mugs and thermal cafetiere readily available plus the sought after double-wall protected Stainless Steel cafetieres types.

The first step in applying a coffee plunger is being aware of the correct measurement, calculated in cups. Having said that, a French Press cup is not similar to a normal Coffee Cup, but instead is equal to one 1 / 2 cup, just about four oz . or 120 milliliters. Any 3 cup size coffee plunger, which is actually smallest size, will serve two coffee cups or a beaker or mug. A 5 Cup French Press would fill 3 cups or 2 mugs or beakers, an 8 cup size cafetiere, is likely to give you 5 cups or three mugs, while a 12 cups size cafetiere will fill eight cups or 4 beakers.

Some easy ways of making excellent coffee with a French Press:

The simplest method to illustrate the usage of a French Press is that it is a matter of mixing the hot water and Ground Coffee and after that pressing the plunger to filter the two when ever the brewing is achieved. The tips to adhere to are the following. To start with, fill a kettle as well as heat water. Subsequently preheat the coffee plunger much the same way as a teapot, swirling with boiled water for a minute or 2. Immediately after, pour out the water used to pre-heat the coffee plunger. Next, having a warm but empty cafetiere, place in two level tablespoons of coarse ground Coffee Beans for every cup required. Following that, boil the kettle again, and then leave to sit for thirty seconds. Put in the boiled water comparable to the amount of cups required. Position the top on the cafetiere making sure the plunger brought up completely. Allow the coffee plunger to stand and slowly brew the coffee for four to five minutes. When it is brewed, press the plunger gently all of the way down. Next finally occurs the important point: open the lid, serve, drink and appreciate!

Cafetiere cleaning and maintenance:

When done, throw out the old coffee grounds. Clean up the coffee plunger by washing with warm water. The plunger could very well be used between 5 and 10 occasions before requiring cleaning. Once every 7 days, take apart the filter. It should come apart easily enough into a couple of level metal rings and a fine mesh screen. Soak these parts in hot water over night. Assemble the parts again and start off the complete wonderful process yet again.

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