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Avoid These Three Negative Effects Coffee Can Have On Your Health

Alot of people refuse to drink Coffee because of the belief that it can cause all kinds of negative health problems. Yet recent research has shown that a moderate amount of coffee could be the key to helping reduce the risk of some serious illnesses and diseases. Most people drink coffee just to gain a bit of energy in order to make their day last longer. Despite this positive research there are indeed some negative effects to drinking excessive amounts. This article will look at some of the potential health effects drinking coffee could have on you.

Methylpyridinium, a powerful antioxidant, is one of many ingredients in Roasted Coffee. Coffee is the only food type where this particular antioxidant is found in large amounts. Methylpyridinium isn’t even present in the raw beans that are used to make coffee. It is believed to be created during the roasting process. When in the form of raw coffee, the compound is called trigonelline. When Coffee Beans are roasted, the trigonelline forms the strong antioxidant methylpyridinium. You can find this in all types of coffee, including Decaffeinated Coffee and even in Instant Coffee. Methylpyridinium can even protect the body from some forms of cancer. Drinking coffee has also been linked to a reduction in the risk of developing gout in men. Commonly associated with painful inflammation in the joints, gout is often a recurring condition. The most common complaints focus on the area surrounding the big toe though other areas like fingers, wrists, ankles, and knees may also be impacted. The impact is joints that are hot and tender and may be red or swollen. It’s thought that gout is caused by high levels of uric acid within the body, which is also linked to kidney stones. Yet research has shown that drinking coffee can decrease the incidence of gout by helping to reduce uric acid levels. Certainly, there are needless to say many other diverse types of Coffee Maker machines for everyday and Gourmet Coffee to choose from like single Cup Coffee makers and also Espresso Coffee makers and a lot more.

Caffeine is thought to increase the risk of a person developing high blood pressure, despite no actual studies verifying this fact to date. Because coffee is a stimulant, many people feel on edge or irritable after consuming too much coffee. For some people, it becomes more difficult to resist stress after drinking coffee. In these cases people will feel anxious or stressed about things that do not ordinarily bother them. In this situation symptoms of stress might involve irregular heartbeats, increased heart rate, or even higher than usual blood pressure. This is especially common among heavy coffee drinkers. Research has proven that drinking moderate amounts of coffee is healthy. However, the same research also proves that drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day may begin to increase the negative health risks that could arise. Make sure you don’t attempt to drink more than two or three cups per day. Doing that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the health benefits of drinking coffee without the risks involved in drinking too much coffee.

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