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Are There Any Health Benefits To Drinking Coffee?

There are of course many people who swear not to touch Coffee because of the negative health effects they believe it can have on them. The reality is that there are some new studies that are proving the health benefits of coffee with regard to some illnesses and diseases. Really most people who drink coffee do so because they want to stay awake, feel more energy and go longer without a nap. Despite this positive research there are indeed some negative effects to drinking excessive amounts. We will discuss here only a few of the most widely known effects that excessive coffee can have on your system.

Around the world, the stimulant effect of coffee is well known. Coffee is commonly used to promote alertness or help people stay awake. This is often the case after a sleepless night. In some people, coffee has a negative side effect that results in overstimulating the nervous system. This can cause anxiety symptoms as well as signs of irritability in some people. Overstimulation can inhibit your ability to deal with stress which makes the symptoms of anxiety even worse. Over a lengthy period of time, the constant overstimulation can actually lead to further health problems by exhausting the adrenal glands.

Coronary artery disease, or heart disease, is a very dire condition that researchers link to drinking heavy amounts of coffee. The research shows that drinking coffee can often be associated with raised numbers of the markers within the body for inflammation. In many cases, the studies show that inflammation has a bad affect on the cardiovascular system. These larger doses of caffeine can really increase cholesterol levels, which is a major factor for having a larger risk of coronary artery disease. It was also found that a lot of those patients that had bad affects has other factors that can cause heart disease, such as smoking, drinking large sums of alcohol and not getting any exercises in their lives. Yet researchers agree that patients drinking less than 3 cups of coffee per day may actually help heart health, rather than affect it. The main thing is to drinking coffee in moderation and decrease your exposure to other things that can increase your risk for coronary heart disease. Certainly, there are of course many other diverse styles of Coffee Maker machines out there for example single Cup Coffee makers and also Espresso Coffee makers and more.

Losing weight can be more difficult with the consumption of caffeine. In fact caffeine actually increases your likelihood of long term weight gain. At first you may feel as though you can lose weight drinking a couple cups every day. This happens as a result of the diuretic effect of coffee, you’ll initially lose water weight but not fat. Caffeine increases hormones that increase your risk for hypoglycemia otherwisse known as low blood sugar levels. This hormone actually stmulates your appetite and makes you feel hungry before you should.

Most people add sugar to their coffee adding extra calories to their daily intake.

Keep in mind that although there are plenty of potential benefits to drinking coffee, there are still quite a few drawbacks to drinking too much. Play it safe by drinking in moderation. You’ll be enjoying some of the recently discovered health benefits and avoiding some of the negative effects by moderating the amount you drink.

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