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Advantages Of Coffee At Home

Every Coffee lover loves the coffeeshop. There’s a great atmosphere, great aroma, and Great Coffee. All this costs money – for the shop owner, and for you. And these costs can add up. However, there is an option for the coffee aficionado. Yow can make coffee at home. At home, you can not only save money, but actually enjoy better coffee, and save time. You can learn at How To Brew Coffee

Making great coffee at home can produce major savings while still allowing you to enjoy great aromatic coffee. Most people know and accept that a 12oz coffee with no additions at Starbucks runs $1.80. In fact, it seems like a good deal compared to their coffee drinks. However, many people seem to balk at paying $13 for incredible locally roasted beans at the coffee shop.
Part of it is the impenetrable math of the Imperial measurement system, and the fact that when we’re in Starbucks, we ‘anchor’ the price of a coffee to a Frappaccino, whereas we ‘anchor’ the price of beans to the price of commodity Folgers. We may never be able to overcome psychological biases, but here’s how the math works out for home coffee.

1 lb of coffee yields 75 tablespoons.
75 tablespoons at 1.5 tablespoons per 6oz, yields 50 6oz cups of coffee

1 lb of coffee = ~50 6oz cups of coffee

@ $13 per pound (general range for incredible beans), a 6oz Cup Of Coffee is $.26
@ $8 per pound (genera; point for supermarket Whole Beans), a 6oz cup of coffee is $.16

12 oz of great home coffee = $ .52
12 oz of Starbucks coffee = $1.50

In other words, a coffeeshop cup of coffee is 300% more expensive than the best, most expensive beans used to make great home coffee. These savings add up over time quickly. By making great coffee at home, you can save money without compromising quality – or time and control.

Not only is great home coffee a major money saver, it is also a timesaver and one that gives you more quality control.

Unless your coffee stop is part of your business with no line, home coffee is faster. Even with all the steps, home coffee can be made in less than 10 minutes – every time. In comparison, add up all the extra time that ‘picking it up’ requires – standing in line, ordering, waiting, getting settled in the car, etc – making your own great coffee at home is usually a timesaver.

In addition, by making great coffee at home, you are your own quality control. You know that it is fresh brewed. Even the Best Coffee shops can leave coffee sitting in a thermos for a couple of hours. You know what’s clean and where the beans have been. The coffee is literally fresh brewed.

Not only can making coffee at home save money, but it can also save time, and put you in control of your brew.

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