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3 Examples Of How Coffee Drinking Can Affect Your Health

Many people are debating lately, whether Coffee happens to be good or bad for your health. Many people are under the impression that coffee has a negative impact on health but new research indicated that 1 or 2 daily cups of “Joe” can have a positive impact on overall health. Of course research also shows that excessive consumption of coffee can have a harmful impact on overall health. It’s thought that drinking any more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee each day could be considered excessive. This article explores many different effects drinking coffee can have on your health

There is a powerful antioxidant called methylpyridinium that is found in Roasted Coffee. Roasted coffee is the only food type where methylpyridinium is found in any significant quantity. Methylpyridinium cannot even be found in raw Coffee Beans. It is actually created as part of the roasting process. When in the form of raw coffee, the compound is called trigonelline. The strong antioxidant known as methylpyridinium is created once the coffee is brewed. You can find this in all types of coffee, including Decaffeinated Coffee and even in Instant Coffee. This type of antioxidant has been shown to protect the body against various forms of cancer.

Coffee however can reduce the incidences of cirrhosis of the liver by quite a bit. Cirrhosis occurs in people suffering from chronic liver disease and is when the normally healthy liver tissue begins to be replaced by fibrosis and nodules. These nodules typically stop liver functionality completely over time. Coffee has an anti-fibrotic quality that some people can benefit from. Caffeine has also proved to lower the risk of liver cancer. Certainly, there are needless to say number of other diverse kinds of Coffee Maker machines for everyday and Gourmet Coffee out there including single Cup Coffee makers as well as Espresso Coffee makers and more.

Unfortunately for those people trying to lose weight, drinking coffee could be hampering your progress. If you want to avoid long term weight gain you should avoid caffeine. You might think in the short term that you can lose more weight by drinkng more coffee each day. You could feel this as a result of water loss from the diuretic effects of coffee. Caffeine increases hormones that increase your risk for hypoglycemia otherwisse known as low blood sugar levels. This hormone actually stmulates your appetite and makes you feel hungry before you should.

It also won’t help if you take cream and sugar in your coffee, as you’ll be consuming extra sugar.

Keep in mind that although there are plenty of potential benefits to drinking coffee, there are still quite a few drawbacks to drinking too much. Avoid the possible risks by only drinking coffee in moderation. Do this and you can avoid the potential benefits of drinking coffee without the risks of drinking too much.

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